General Hand Surgery

Our Hands are one of the most important interfaces between ourselves and the rest of the world

We offer a large number of individualised treatments for Hand Injuries, Hand abnormalities and Degenerative changes in the hand.

Because of this, there are many conditions for which the treatment is highly individualised and can really only be discussed at a consultation.

Whatever the problem, we aim to restore normal Function and, if possible, normal Appearance.


Benefits Experienced by most of our patients

1. Restoration of function

2. Restoration of appearance

2. Improved self image


Negative Effects

1. Swelling and Bruising

2. Scars that we always try to optimise

3. Sensory changes that usually recover in approximately 3 months to 1 year.

5. Surgical Complications - Infection, Bleeding, Haematoma, Seroma

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